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"Embrace your past as it shapes who we are and what we do today" by Terri Henkels

Thank you for visiting our Blog and giving us a chance to tell you about us.

We are two sisters who are ardent lovers of food, recipe collecting, blogging on food and gardening, food preservation, outdoor enthusiast and healthy living. We are supporters of sustainable farming, fresh markets, local small businesses and living a well-rounded  
life that supports us in doing what makes us happy.
Shawna Williams

Terri Henkels
As sisters growing up on a cattle farm in Iowa we learned cooking at a young age. Not only did we have to help put in the crops and work the livestock, we had to help with supper. Summers were spent preserving what was produced out of the garden and competing in a 4-H program with cattle, horses and of course baking.

As we grew up and went to college, one sister, Terri stayed in Des Moines and grew a career in Health and became the Director of Public Health Dept. Shawna moved to Florida and started a plant nursery then went into retail.

We bring Midwestern, Florida, Caribbean style cooking putting our own twist to recipes, we now want to share them with you. We appreciate the opportunity to share our passions with you. Hope you enjoy!

Our mission is to simplify busy lives to support more time for self, family, friends, hobbies and a healthier lifestyle.

We spent many days and nights during the summer on the back of Dad's pickup truck at the County and State Fairs waiting to show our livestock.

Showing at our county fair when I was 9, thats how old we had to be to get into the 4-H Club.

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