Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooky Decorated Candy Pretzel Sticks

Spooky Candy Pretzels - Easy Life meal & Party PlanningYesterday afternoon I had the delight of spending time with my oldest granddaughter and her best friend. They wanted to make something Halloweeny so we took a quick trip to one of our box stores to get some ideas.
They came up with candy-coated pretzel sticks. Which was okay with me because they are fun and easy to do and it was certainly age appropriate.  Okay, I will fess up and say it was also pretty messy. I had more sprinkles on the floor than on the pretzels but that's okay with me. It was fun and they are so entertaining. Other than when there was a little kitten fight about who ate both of the bat pretzel sticks and how inconsiderate of that one person - I won't mention any names. Oh, also, who had one more pretzel stick than the other to take home. Grandma had to resolve that little spat by telling them they were being petty.

Spooky Candy Pretzels - Easy Life meal & Party PlanningNo tutorial, because that would have taken the fun out of their project but you don't really need one because they are super easy.

Spooky Candy Pretzels - Easy Life meal & Party PlanningWe bought pretzel stick rods, cupcake/cookie sprinkles, orange and black candy melts and cupcake candy toppers. We also bought two little pumpkin candle holders to display the pretzels.

I used a juice glass to melt the candy in because it is the perfect height for dipping the pretzels and getting the right amount of candy on the pretzels. Place the candy melts in the glass and place in microwave for about 1 minute. It may take slightly longer but about every 30 seconds I check on them and stir them. Do not over heat or it will clump. The minute it becomes smooth upon stirring, they are ready to use.
Spooky Candy Pretzels - Easy Life meal & Party Planning
 I tip the glass with the melted candy so it is nice and thick, stick the pretzel in and start twirling it as I pull it out of the candy/glass. The candy toppers stuck to the pretzel but I had to hold it in place while the girls sprinkled and then gently place it in a coffee cup or another juice glass until it starts to harden. You can also stick in the frig for a couple of minutes to speed the process.

They were pretty proud of their creation but a little annoyed that I was taking pictures because all they wanted to do is eat one.

Authored by +Terri Henkels


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