Friday, March 21, 2014

Home Grown Pineapple

It has taken almost two years for my pineapple plant to produce just one pineapple. The plant produces  a fruit on a stalk, that stalk dies but the main plant will produce another stalk for a new pineapple to grow on.This golden ripe and ready to eat little beauty was so sweet and juicy.  Here is some simple tips for cutting a pineapple. Don't forget to plant the top so in a couple of years you will have a new plant that will produce. You won't regret it because home grown always are sweeter.

Cut the top off and set a side to plant later. Then cut the bottom off and discard.

Set pineapple up and take knife and trim off the sides. There will be little pivots you will have to clean up, they are hard like seeds.

Slice pineapple and then take the core out with a pairing knife.

As you can see by the bottom picture I planted the top next to the other pineapple plant.

Authored by +Shawna Williams
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