Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweet Pepper Cowboy Candy

Sweet Pepper Cowboy CandyLast week  I posted that it is almost the end of my season for my vegatable garden. I only have a few things that the heat hasn't burn't off. What is left is my sweet pepper plants and jalapeno plants. I had picked almost two pounds of my sweet peppers and 1 pound of my jalapeno's. I decided to do a Cowboy Candy with them. In my orginal recipe it calls for 3 punds of jalapeno's. Knowing that the sweet peppers could change the flavor I decided to go ahead and experiment and see how it turns out.

Follow the directions to my Cowboy candy, all that is different is the peppers. DON'T Discard the Juice, its the best Marinade, EVER! 

I love the sweet peppers, they hardly have any seeds and they are tender and sweet.

Sweet Pepper Cowboy CandyThe peppers turned out very colorful together.

Sweet Pepper Cowboy Candy

Sweet Pepper Cowboy Candy

Well, I had to taste a couple and the sweet heat is awesome.

The bottle on the left is the leftover juice, it makes the best marinade for chicken or pork, Ever!

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Authored by  +Shawna Williams 

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