Monday, May 18, 2015

Almond Flour Pizza Crust - A Conversion from the Original Recipe

I am so excited to be involved in the April Showers Bring May Flours project with 

We were challenged to convert our Quick & Easy Shake Pizza Crust from an all purpose flour crust to a blanched almond flour crust. I couldn't wait to try this conversion because I was sure if successful it would be amazingly delicious. 

Oh, and not to forget, being motivated to focus on cooking healthier is much needed in my kitchen. Almonds are so wonderfully delicious that you forget they are extremely healthy for you! 

This past January, I posted the Quick & Easy Shake Pizza Crust. This recipe is not only simple to make but also simply delicious.

I was so surprised to find that I was able to convert the original recipe with very little effort. Initially I was concerned that the lack of gluten could make the crust runny. I mixed the ingredients together per the recipe but substituted the almond flour for the all purpose flour. It was just a little runnier than the original. I incorporated an additional 1/4 cup of almond flour and it was exactly as the original recipe.

Then I was concerned whether it would suspend the tomato sauce and toppings.and I questioned whether the crust would be crisp. All of my concerns were unfounded. In fact, it was unnecessary worrying as always. It was perfect all the way around! 

The sweet nutty taste of the almond flour crust combined with the earthy flavor of Baby Bella mushrooms for the topping is beyond heavenly! 

Note: Finding almond flour in my small town was impossible and I had no intention of making my own. Ordering Almond Flour from Nuts.Com is easy, their prices are good and they have been in business since 1929 (so they have quite a bit of history). 

Just follow the recipe and details of making the Quick & Easy Shake Pizza Crust Recipe posted in January 2051. The original recipe has been updated for easy conversion to an almond flour crust. If you rather, immediately Print the recipe now.

No monetary payment or product was received for this blog post. We are not an affiliate of the company and will not receive future monetary payments for clicks onto their website. The intent of the project was to promote the benefits of almond flour and the ease of incorporating almond flour into your every day cooking and baking.  We will never write a review on a brand's product nor will we promote a product, if we believe the product will not be beneficial to you. The opinions in this post are our own.

Authored by +Terri Henkels 

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