Friday, October 11, 2013

Change 3 Challenge

Callie my floor exercise Assistant - Easy Life Meal & Party Planning
Callie is my floor exercise assistant!
She chases my legs as they move and lays
on my stomach while doing crunches

 Last week you may have seen my post where I was whining because I was being deprived of all the junk food I love while visiting my sister for two weeks. This past year she adopted a healthy eating lifestyle and I have not. So before I even boarded the airplane I had committed to behaving and not sabotaging all the good habits she has adopted.

I am definitely a junk food junkie and I knew it was going to be difficult and it was! But I also thought just maybe if I can cut back on the sweets and chips at her house it will stick when I get home. Which has sort of worked but not totally.Today I was feeling guilty because I found myself sliding back to those old habits and then low and behold I have a Facebook message from a new follower, Adventures in Mindful Eating.
She invited me to her Mindful Mommy linky party and her Change 3 Challenge. So tonight I stopped by her blog and it must be some divine intervention because she has a challenge for the month of October to adopt 3 changes that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Well who can ignore an intervention? Each week I will post about the progress and link to her Change 3 Challenge party.

Shep my Walking Partner - Easy Lief Meal & Party Planning
Sheppie boy is my walking partner every single
 day sunshine, rain or snow
So (sigh) here we go! These are the changes I would like to make:
  1. I already walk 2 miles every day but I know that I need additional exercise(which I was doing but quit) so I will  incorporate a 30 minute combination of yoga, floor exercises and weights at least 3 times a week..
  2. I will incorporate healthy snacking and reduce the unhealthy snacking by stocking my frig with healthy snack food.
  3. I will keep a daily journal of my food intake.

Join me in the Change 3 Challenge!


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