Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blog Hop Blitz #10

What do these two teams have in common?

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Duh, they're both in Florida!

Ok, so you're right. But, what else do they have in common?

What's that, yeah neither have won a game this season!

Welcome to Week #10.

This is the Blog Hop Blitz, where we are banishing football widows and instead linking up our best tailgate recipes, DIY decor, or our best posts of the week.

Here's our team:

 photo week3hostcohost_zpsb99e205e.png

Terri & Shawna
Easy Life and Party Planning

A Gut and a Butt
Our hop is the most versatile hop around! Don't believe us, take a look at our Most Valuable Bloggers (MVBs) from last week's hop:

 photo collage_zpsb9166fb6.png

The ladies over at Easy Life and Party Planning shared a tasty, quick appetizer, a great addition to any type of party!

If you have kids, you know exactly what Tales of an Old Mom is talking about! She gave us a quick glimpse into her life with a small child. 

Work week lunch ideas were shared by Daily Dose of Del Signore

Each of our Most Valuable Bloggers (MVBs) have been pinned to our Football Blog Hop Blitz Pinterest board. Football fan or not, check out our wide range of pins.

Be sure to share our button, letting everyone know where you're linking up this football season.

Blog Hop Blitz


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