Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Family's Tree of Life - Five Minute Friday

Our Family's Tree of Life - Easy Life Meal & Party PlanningThere is a tree on our farm that stands on a hill tall and dead overlooking our favorite fishing pond, the old cattle barn and corral. Sometimes dead trees have their own beauty and this is one of them. As I stand admiring the tree it used to be I see one small branch of greenery. I say to myself, "How can this even be possible when every other branch is dead?"

It makes me think of my father and his brave fight to win over cancer. His fight was long and hard and his will to live beyond belief. It reminds me of my son’s fight with addiction and how when everything about him seems dead there is a small green branch of life that just keeps on fighting with a will that most people will never find within themselves.

I love this dead tree that has weathered the harshness of nature’s extreme forces and still it has one green branch. Defiance to what nature has to bear. I hope it stands overlooking our favorite fishing pond forever. It is a testament to never giving up. It is our family’s tree of life.

Five Minute Friday is one word that you write about for five minutes unedited and then link up your posts. Now, I am not a writer, but I love the Five Minute Friday Concept and I love reading others' muses and reflections. And, every once awhile Lisa Jo Baker, throws out a word that has an instantaneous connection with me and I can't resist writing. If you want to read beautiful stories then you must visit her Five Minute Friday posts and the writings of those sharing.

Authored by +Terri Henkels 


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