Saturday, December 7, 2013

Breakfast Sausage Ring

Breakfast Sausage Ring - Easy Life Meal & Party Planning - a super easy make ahead breakfast dish and lovely to serve when hosting a brunchI love this recipe because it is attractive and super easy. You make it the night before so preparing breakfast the next morning is a breeze.  The perfect recipe when hosting a brunch.

Since we are now empty nesters there is no reason for me to make a large sausage ring so for the first time ever I halved the the recipe and used two mini bundt pans. Next time I will use three mini bundt pans to reduce the height.

I also do not add the apple because of food allergies and I did not replace this ingredient with any other item. The sausage ring holds up perfectly without the apple although I am sure that it is even more delicious with apple. It has been so long since I have had an apple I don't remember what they taste like, so for me, I am not missing anything.

The other beauty of this recipe is the sausage ring is still tasty heated up that is if you have any leftovers.

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2 pounds sausage, lean
2 eggs, beaten slightly
1 1/2 cups Ritz crackers, crushed
1 cup Apple, peeled, grated
1/2 cup onion, minced
1/2 cup milk


Line bunt pan with plastic wrap
Mix all ingredients together
Press into lined bundt pan and chill overnight
When ready to bake, flip onto greased baking sheet
Bake at 350 for 1 hour
Fill center with scrambled eggs before serving

Authored by +Terri Henkels

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