Monday, February 24, 2014

Sverve - Where Have You Been All Our Bloggy Life

In the past few months we learned about a blogger community called Sverve. Initially we were drawn to Sverve because, on occasion, they link really good advice posts on our Four Seasons Blog Hop and we see their links on other parties. We figure if a network takes the time to interact with bloggers on that level then it is a network worth joining. We also like Sverve for the ease in which you can navigate their site plus their quick communications on critical information and responding to questions. 

How Sverve Works

  • They connect brands and women bloggers to get the best value for their investment and skills and provides bloggers great opportunities to grow their revenue. Wow!!! This is something we really needed. It seems to us that we learn everything the hard way or it takes forever to figure it out.
  • They connect bloggers with their peers for new readership, peer endorsement on areas of influence, and establishing themselves as authorities on their topics. 
  • They enable bloggers to promote their posts - a lot like pinterst - add a tip and it can be shared, liked or favorited. They even have a Sverve Bookmarklet! 
  • They provide campaign opportunities for sponsored posts, pinterest sweepstakes and You Tube. We are so impressed with the many different campaign opportuinities to choose from and they continually add new opportunities.
  • They provides coaching opportunities to increase blogging skills and how to be successful at sponsored campaigns.
Ready to Explore? 

Check out Sverve and let us know what you think! If you decide to join, don’t forget to visit us on Sverve to endorse us and we will stop by and endorse you!

Authored by +Terri Henkels & +Shawna Williams

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