Monday, June 20, 2016

Muddy Paws Dog Products

Muddy Paws Dog Products for itchy, sensitive skin by Easy Life Inspiration
Muddy Paws Dog Products - For years my German Shepard suffered from skin allergies. He had horrible hot spots, scratching and gnawing all day long. I tried one product after another with no results. This drove me to develop natural products to relieve him from such torture.
After a couple of months of use, I was amazed. He no longer has those symptoms. Regularly using our products, your pet will have a beautiful coat, skin and a happy life. 

We are also proud of our work with dog rescue's and foster homes. Support your favorite dog rescue or foster home by sending our Muddy Paws Gift Basket and we will donate to your Rescue as well.

We hope you enjoy our Handcrafted Artisan Dog Products 
by Muddy Paws. We personally use all our products and proud to share them with you. 

Muddy Paws Gift Set for that dog lover, also donate to your favorite rescue and we will donate too by Easy Life Inspiration
Muddy Paws Gift Basket
Muddy Paws Sensitivity Spray for allergies and itchy skin by Easy Life Inspirations
Muddy Paws Sensitivity Spray
Muddy Paws all natural Dog Soap on a Rope by Easy Life Inspiration
Muddy Paws Soap on a Rope
Muddy Paws All Natural Shampoo for sensitive skin and shiny coat by Easy Life Inspiration
Muddy Paws Natural Shampoo
Muddy Paws Paw Balm to protect and heal paws by Easy Life Inspirations
Muddy Paws Paw Balm

Shawna and Terri 

Handcrafted Artisan Dog Products 

Authored by +Shawna Williams  and +Terri Henkels

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