Preserving Family Favorites

There is nothing more satisfying than preserving your hard work in the garden and pulling it out on a wintry day toenjoy” Terri Henkels

Growing up on the farm it was vital that our garden produced enough vegetables and fruits to get us through the winter, grant it we still went to the grocery store, but we never had to buy beans, corn, tomatoes,well you get the point. This is where my sister, Terri and I learned how to preserve the bounties from our garden.
It is so much fun watching the plants grow and produce. But at the end of the season we are faced with buckets of vegi's and fruit and you just can't eat them all. I hope you find our collection of recipes, our safety tips and "how to's" helpful.

Preserving Pantry
Presto 22 Quart Pressure Canner
Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving
Ball Pint Jars
Ball Quart Jars
Ball Jelly Jars 4oz.
Ball Plastic Freezer Jars 8oz.

Cowboy Candy
Sweet Pepper Cowboy Candy
Preserving Mangos
Red Pepper Jelly
Easy & Delicious Strawberry Freezer Jam
Apricot-Peach Pie Jam
Scrumptious Freezer Strawberry Glaze


Preserving food is somewhat of an art that long ago lost its appeal due to the decrease in home grown foods and busy lives. The good news is that many people are recognizing the value of growing your own vegetables and fruits which has made food preservation a necessity. However, food preservation takes a lot of knowledge and care in order to have a safe supply of preserved food. The last thing any of us wants is to make family, guests or ourselves sick due to improper preserving methods. If you are new at food preservation or have a renewed passion, PLEASE take the time to learn the proper preserving safety guidelines. Here are some great resources:

Centers for Disease Control

Home Canning & Botulism

National Center for Home Food Preservation

Read about preparing for power outages and also see our recommendations for what to do if the freezer stops.

Don't Miss Their Other Multimedia Resources:


Printed Complete Guide to Canning can be purchased from Purdue Extension: The Education Store.  

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