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How to Cut and Freeze a Mango

How to Cut and Freeze a Mango
One of my favorite fruits is the Mango. I use it in my salsas, BBQ sauces, glazes, jellies, drinks and of course just to eat alone. Now through June one of the sweetest varieties are produced. It’s called Ataulfo (aht-ah-uhl-foe); the flesh is creamy and smooth with a small pit. While they are plentiful and the prices are lower, it’s a good time to freeze them for the future. Mangos freeze up to a year and they hold their texture and flavor quite well.
You won’t be disappointed. The trick is how to peel and cut mangos, they are so slippery and it can get a little dicey when cutting. It has taken several cuts on my fingers to finally figure out a safe way to cut them. So below I am showing you some of the tricks I have learned.
Peel with an apple peeler, then cut off the bottom where the where the core is, making it flat.
Stand the mango up on the flat end and slowly slice through next to the seed. When doing the other side make sure your fingers are secure on the top of the mango and slowly slice through the other side next to the seed. Leaving just the seed, which my family loves to eat the rest of the fruit off the seed.

Slice the mango slowly with your fingers on the top of the mango not around or not on the bottom, you do not want the knife to slip and cut you, hold it securely.
The pit is small and thin, shown on the left side of this picture.

Date and freeze, they keep their texture and sweetness. Next fall when you are craving something different and sweet you can pull them out and enjoy a bit of spring.

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 Authored by +Shawna Williams

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