Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rotisserie Rib Roast with a Pesto Rub & Charddonay Smoked Sea Salt

Rotisserie Rib Roast with a Pesto Rub and Chardonnay Smoked Sea Salt - Easy Life Meal & Party Planning One of my favorite cuts of meat is a rib eye. Slap it on a plate when it's barely mooing and of course, with a great wine and I'm in heaven.

Having our friends over who love their meat and wine the same way, my husband and I decided to cook a rib roast on the rotisserie. I prepped the meat with my pesto, ensuring that all the crevices are filled. The secret salt? It is a Chardonnay Smoked Sea Salt. They smoke the sea salt from Oak Chardonnay wine barrels for a distinctive and wonderful flavor .I have found these new type of salts and I am really enjoying cooking with them.
   Needless to say when our eyes rolled to the back of our heads we new we hit a home run with this recipe.

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1 - 5lb Rib Roast, trimmed
1/4 cup - Basil Pesto
4 Tbsp. - Olive Oil
Chardonnay Smoked Sea Salt &
Pepper to taste
If you can't find this item try it with smoked salt or just Sea Salt
Mix Pesto and Olive Oil together and rub over roast ensuring to fill crevices. Then Salt and Pepper to taste.

Basil Pesto
¼ cup – Pine Nuts
 ¼ cup – Walnuts
 5 cups – Basil, packed in measuring cup
 8 cloves – Garlic
1 ½ cup – Olive Oil
 ¾ cup – Parmesan Cheese, grated
 ¼ cup - Romano Cheese, grated
Salt and Pepper to Taste
Place nuts and garlic in food processor and blend about 30 seconds. Add Basil, salt and pepper. While blending pour olive oil in slowly. Keeps food processor running while pouring the oil in the oil. Add cheese and puree another 30 seconds. Place in jar add a little olive oil over the top. Seal jar and keep in refrigerator or freezer.

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Authored by +Shawna Williams

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  1. Oooo! Chardonnay Smoked Sea Salt is something new. I wonder where to buy that.


    1. Hi Judy, thank you so much for your interest in the salt. I was traveling on the west coast of Florida and stopped at a little shop that mixed its own seasoning. I will look and try to find the name and get it to you.