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Exotic DIY Miniature Plant Terrarium

Exotic DIY Miniature Plant Terrarium
Back in the day Terrariums used to be popular and my sister and I made plenty of them. They were fun and we loved going to the 5 & Dime store to pick out little animal porcelain figurines for the terrarium (that's correct they weren't plastic or cheap looking).
Anyway, I was pretty excited that they are now back in style so I have been making them again and pledging that I have made my last one due to lack of space. We will see about that since the grand kids are always begging me to make more.

This terrarium is a tall glass container and I wanted a lot of rock to show at the bottom with the plants near the top of the container. A thin layer of crushed charcoal (which you can buy at a garden center) was applied to the top of the rocks and next a layer of dirt deep enough to support plant growth. I actually planted a small clump of live moss and also used dried moss for ground cover in certain areas. Finally I added a few larger colored stones, butterflies and a fawn that is set back amongst the plants.

Exotic DIY Miniature Plant Terrarium

Exotic DIY Miniature Plant Terrarium
This particular terrarium was made with a very large bowl and I included small hills as well as a crevice in the lower dirt area and filled the crevice with crushed gold rock which serves as a walkway.  Most of the dirt area is covered by varying colors of dried moss. I strategically placed some larger stones and nestled into the moss. It contains two blue birds, one fairy, one mushroom, one turtle, one frog and two butterflies. 


  • Glass bowl or dish
  • Indoor potting soil
  • Crushed Charcoal
  • Small-Medium size Decorative Rocks
  • Exotic Miniature Indoor Plants
  • Spoon
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Optional (dried moss or live moss, crushed rock, or signature rock, and figurines)
  1. Cover your work area with newspaper or plastic.
  2. Fill container with a layer of rock (depth depends on size of container and the space you want between the plants and top of container plus allowing for depth of dirt).
  3. On top of rock spread a thin layer of crushed charcoal to maintain a healthy environment and prevent mold.
  4. Spread enough dirt to support plant growth.
  5. Arrange dirt straight across the container or use your creativeness and build crevices, valleys, and hills.
  6. Using your spoon, dig one hole for each of your plants. 
  7. Carefully place each plant in its place and, using your hands, gently but firmly press the soil down around the plant roots to make sure they are firmly planted.
  8. Carefully place your decorative rocks, figurines, or other miniature items inside the terrarium. 
  9. Add moss or crushed rock in strategic places.
  10. Sprinkle water around the soil of your plants.
  11. Water and care for as normal.
  12. Pinch back plants to keep growth in check.
Have fun and be creative!

Authored by +Terri Henkels

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